About Chris Kroeze

kroezeChris Kroeze grew up with a guitar in his hands. Starting as a young child, he’s played for sixteen plus years now. In the past eight years he’s performed hundreds of times in bars, restaurants, churches, parties, and shows, gaining a great deal of experience as a singer and musician. Much of Kroeze’s performing has been as lead guitarist and vocals for the band “Sweet Action.” In 2010, “Sweet Action” won a battle of the bands competition and got to open for “Warrant”  and “The Guess Who.” “Sweet Action” focuses on rock cover songs, anything from “The Beatles” to “AC/DC.”

In Kroeze’s spare time, he works on writing his own music and has been in the process of recording his songs. Recently, he’s done some work as a studio musician. Although vocals and guitar are his greatest strengths as a musician, Kroeze also plays the piano, drums, harmonica, and bass.

Kroeze plans to continue as an active member of “Sweet Action,” while also doing solo work, establishing himself as an independent musician.